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Medical Waste Disposal

On-site removal of biohazard waste at a frequency that meets your needs while providing average annual savings of 30% or more.

HIPAA Compliance

Gain access to world-class HIPAA compliance certification and a suite of tools to protect your practice 24/7/365.

OSHA Employee Training

Keep your employees safe and protected with the latest OSHA-required training materials, including bloodborne pathogens certification.

Mailback Sharps Containers

Simple to purchase and even easier to use, for those times when you need less biohazard waste picked up on an infrequent basis.

IT Managed Services

Managed IT Services

Reliable and cost-effective solution to meet your IT needs from network management to individual employee support on all their devices.

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Data & Document Destruction

HIPAA-compliant destruction of sensitive materials, like patient records, whether they are on paper or stored on hard drives.

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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Environmentally-friendly solution to safely dispose of unused or expired medications, including OTC and controlled substances.

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