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MP1 Solution provides professional IT services for businesses to achieve operational efficiency. Our team will work with you to create the right solution with support available 24/7.

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Managed Services Implementation

Managed Services Implementation Process

Every customer that moves to an MP1 Solution managed service plan begins with an “Implementation” project this is designed to make a smooth transition to the MP1 Solution managed services. The method of takeover depends on the situation at hand as there are three basic scenarios:

Inform, Prepare, Takeover

This plan involves informing the existing IT team in advance of stopping their support services.

Prepare, Takeover, Inform
If concerns exist about the reaction to the decision to change support providers, this may be a better transition option.

Immediate Takeover
Support will begin immediately and any lockdown steps will be handled throughout the onboarding process.

Benefits in hiring a Managed IT Services:

How to Request for IT Support

There are multiple methods you can request for our IT Support. You may refer to the options below and request support following the method you are most comfortable with.


Send us an email with a detailed description of the issue and any other details that would be helpful. Email:


Once you access Live Chat option on your system tray our support team will be with you in a few seconds.


Send a text message to 888 906 1311. Indicate your name and company name. Our team will respond right away.

Our phone system is setup to route calls from numbers associated with your company directly to your support team. Call 888 906 1311. The phone is the best optiont after office hours.


Click the “Get Support”option on your computer. Fill in the form fields and your issue will be routed directly to your support team.


Submit request for our team through your user portal.

IT Support Team

Get in touch with our team. Call or send us an email.

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