Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

The MP1 Kit returns system includes items that you’ll need to confidently ship and dispose unwanted or expired pharmaceuticals including controlled substances (DEA Schedules II-V) securely. The kit is designed for shipment of both controlled substances as well as non-controlled pharmaceutical drug products.

Sharps Collection Bin 18 Gallon
Sharps Collection Bin 5 gallon side

Sharps container disposal


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    What is it?

    Who uses it?

    The MP1 Solution Pharma Returns System is designed for strict compliance with 40 CFR §266 and all applicable U.S. Department of Transportation regulations in 49 CFR part 171 through 180 for potentially creditable hazardous waste pharmaceutical that meets the definition of hazardous material in 49 CFR 171.8.

    Very Small Quantity Waste Generators* of outdated or unwanted hazardous pharmaceuticals – i.e. pharmacies, dentists, clinics, veterinarians, longterm care and assisted living facilities, hospice care providers, EMT’s, hospitals, and doctors’ offices.

    mp1 pharmaceutical waste disposal

    MP1 Solution has the industry’s most current and cost-effective solution for returning potentially creditable hazardous waste pharmaceuticals from a healthcare facility to a reverse distributor for evaluation. MP1 Solution as a Reverse Distributor is permitted/licensed/notified under RCRA (EPA 40CFR) DOT 49CFR, DEA 21 CFR and complies with FDA and NIOSH protocols for all hazard classes.

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