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Managed Services Implementation Process

Every customer that moves to an MP1 Solution managed service plan begins with an “Implementation” project this is designed to make a smooth transition to the MP1 Solution managed services. The method of takeover depends on the situation at hand as there are three basic scenarios:

This plan involves informing the existing IT team in advance of stopping their support services.

If concerns exist about the reaction to the decision to change support providers, this may be a better transition option.

Support will begin immediately and any lockdown steps will be handled throughout the onboarding process.

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Eco-Conscious Disposal

• Environmentally-Friendly Methods: Choose a greener path with MP1 Solution's disposal options that prioritize eco-efficiency—from fuel-efficient vehicles to steam-powered sterilization.

• Preventing Contamination: We keep hazardous pharmaceutical waste out of landfills and waterways, ensuring that your practice contributes to a healthier ecosystem.

Assured Compliance and Control

• Avoid Costly Fines: Improper disposal can lead to significant penalties. Our service adheres to the strictest DEA and environmental regulations, keeping your facility safe from fines and legal challenges.

• Mail Back Convenience: With our easy-to-use Pharma Mail Back Solutions, your compliance is as simple as sending a package. This service is not only convenient but designed for both small and large-volume needs.

Simplified Solutions for Complex Needs

• One-Stop-Shop: Embrace the simplicity of a single provider for all waste management protocols. Our all-in-one platform is tailored to streamline your facility's requirements, making MP1 Solution the last provider you'll ever need.

• Custom Tailored Service: Whether it's on-site disposal or mail-back options, we offer flexible solutions to fit the unique demands of your practice.

Cost-Effective and All-Inclusive

• Transparent Pricing: Our straightforward invoicing excludes hidden charges, offering you predictable and affordable pricing without surprises.

• Bundling Benefits: Maximize savings and amplify the value by bundling Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal with other MP1 Solution services, creating a synergistic and cost-efficient approach to all your practice's needs.

Take Action Today

• Request a Free Customized Proposal: Begin your journey to safer and smarter pharmaceutical waste management with a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific needs.

• Commit to the Environment: By choosing MP1 Solution, you're not just selecting a service—you're joining a mission to foster a safer, cleaner world for future generations.

Choose Green

MP1 Solution is Committed to the Environment.

We utilize environmentally friendly disposal options across the nation. From fuel-efficient vehicles to disposing of our client’s biohazard waste with the use of steam-powered autoclave machinery, we make every attempt to minimize our impact within local communities.

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    Our phone system is setup to route calls from numbers associated with your company directly to your support team. Call 888 906 1311. The phone is the best optiont after office hours.


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