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HIPAA’S Privacy Rule: Enforcement and Compliance in 2021

How does HIPAA deal with non-compliance and violations

At its core, the Privacy Rule of HIPAA can be briefly summarized as the set of standards in rules employed by HIPAA to protect the health information of patients of covered entities (healthcare facilities, health clearinghouses, health plans, etc.). With this, the primary goal of the organization is to ensure that there is a proper […]

Business Associate Agreements, HIPAA’s Primary Enforcement Tool

hipaa business associate agreements mp1 solution

It is widely known that HIPAA covers a vast majority of the private sector. HIPAA’s coverage ranges from healthcare providers to insurance companies, to healthcare clearinghouses as well as third parties that these entities interact with. The list is simply vast and the fact that HIPAA is primarily concerned with protecting non-electronic and electronic Protected […]

The Perks of Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance feels like a chore to a lot of businesses. Especially with sanctions and penalties attached to it, the traditional response that these get is a sigh and a shrug before proceeding to comply with the requirements. In a way, regulations and their accompanying sanctions have become mere deterrences such that their benefits and […]

The Face of HIPAA in 2021

hipaa requirements of 2021

The most talked about issue in 2020 has become the public health crisis that is COVID-19. Along with this came several complications that affected the healthcare industry as a whole. From the practice of healthcare to the manufacturing of healthcare-related products, to the security of healthcare information. News or shortages and the overloading of hospitals […]

Some of the Worst HIPAA Violations from 2020

Some of the Worst HIPAA Violations from 2020 Privacy is largely valued in the modern world. That is because information about a person largely affects their lives externally, with regard to how they are treated and internally, with how they view themselves. That is why there are several layers of regulations surrounding data protection in […]