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The Practice Checklist

Provide your practice with a single solution to address your ever-growing needs.

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We know firsthand the growing pains that can come with running your own business so we’ll always be there for you.

What We Offer

Medical Waste Disposal

On-site removal of biohazard waste at a frequency that meets your needs while providing average annual savings of 30% or more.

HIPAA Compliance

Gain access to world-class HIPAA compliance certification and a suite of tools to protect your practice 24/7/365.

OSHA Employee Training

Keep your employees safe and protected with the latest OSHA-required training materials, including bloodborne pathogens certification.

Mailback Sharps Containers

Simple to purchase and even easier to use, for those times when you need less biohazard waste picked up on an infrequent basis.

Managed IT Services

Reliable and cost-effective solution to meet your IT needs from network management to individual employee support on all their devices.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Environmentally-friendly solution to safely dispose of unused or expired medications, including OTC and controlled substances.

A Brief History of MP 1 Solution

For years, healthcare providers were stuck with the same options when it came to disposing of the infectious waste materials produced in their facilities.

To ensure the safe and compliant disposal of medical waste, many providers were paying significantly more than they should have, simply unaware that an alternative solution existed. Our founders asked their friends and family in healthcare what vendors they were using, how much they were paying, what other services or benefits their vendor offer, and they all responded similarly – we’re paying more than we used to and we’re not sure why…

MP1 Solution is Committed to the Environment.

We utilize environmentally friendly disposal options across the nation. From fuel-efficient vehicles to disposing of our client’s biohazard waste with the use of steam-powered autoclave machinery, we make every attempt to minimize our impact within local communities.

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