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Mens Faith Based Sex Addiction Treatment

Mens Faith Based Sex Addiction Treatment

Boulder Recovery is a men's faith-based sex addiction treatment facility with a highly effective 14-day intensive program and excellent partner support options. We not only help men overcome addiction but also ensure that their partners cope with the trauma inflicted upon them. The top reasons to join a men’s faith-based sex addiction treatment center include:

1. Personalized care, support, and help for porn-addicted Christians 

Christian rehabs help individuals heal from their behavioral and mental health issues by encouraging them to reconnect with God. The therapists and mentors at our rehab conduct a comprehensive psychological health assessment on each client upon intake and create tailored treatment programs to help them garner the best outcome in recovery. Unlike traditional rehab centers for porn addiction treatment in Boulder, faith-based rehabs go to great lengths to help residents embrace a healthier lifestyle in the long term. They achieve this by reinstalling their faith and connection with the Creator, equipping them with essential values to lead an orderly and fulfilling life.  

2. Access to a network of communal support

Seeking help from a faith-based rehab can provide you with access to a network of like-minded individuals with similar spiritual interests as you. While individual and group therapies play an integral role in recovery, individuals can feel lonely without support from peers. Our rehab for pornography and Christians fosters a sense of fellowship amongst the recovering addicts, strengthening their commitment to leading a healthy life in the long haul.

3. Focus on treating the underlying mental health issues

Faith-based rehabs do not just treat addiction to pornography but use psychotherapies and counseling to understand the root cause of a behavioral disorder. Like alcoholism and substance abuse disorders, compulsive sexual disorders also stem from an underlying mental health issue. The clinical staff and therapists assess your condition to identify the underlying mental health issues, if any, and treat them to prevent sex addiction from resurfacing in the future. Our Boulder, Colorado, sex addiction therapist for men identifies and treats the underlying triggers, administering therapies to help men overcome their mental and behavioral health challenges.

4. Long-term success with recovery

Joining a Christian rehab for sex addiction can re-establish your faith in the creator and provide you with a sense of accountability. Knowing that you are answerable to the creator can help you lead a Christian life and prevent you from engaging in compulsive sexual behaviors in the long term.

5. Helps restore faith 

Christian rehabs can restore and renew your faith and inspire you to make healthy lifestyle changes. Faith-based rehabs encourage and guide recovering addicts to embrace God fully and whole-heartedly to help them receive deliverance through Jesus Christ.

All it takes is one call to break free from sex addiction. Reach Boulder Recovery at 720-902-9919 to receive the best men's faith-based sex addiction treatment. We are one of the top rehabs with a reputation for helping numerous men overcome their behavioral shortcomings in a safe, serene, and supportive setting. 

Mens Faith Based Sex Addiction Treatment
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Mens Faith Based Sex Addiction Treatment
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